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hella-bored Asked:
Hi! Do you happen to know a more affordable dupe for NARS' Train Bleu? I love the color, but I can't seem to find the shade in stores near me, and I'd much rather buy a similar color from a drugstore brand. Thanks!


You might have to adjust the color a bit using a darker lip liner or mixing a dark purple lipstick and a little bit of red lipstick to get an exact color but i’ll list some close alternatives! :)

NARS Train Bleu

MAC Cyber (not drugstore, but still $10 cheaper!)


Wet n Wild Vamp It Up (on far left)

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 04

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kelsayyrenee Asked:
Hi! I was wondering where to get a full professional brush kit without breaking the bank. What are some brands you would recommend? Thank you 😘


Hello! :)

Typically I recommend starting your brush collection slowly buying one by one because usually more affordable brush sets aren’t always the best quality. Buying a nice brush every few weeks or so allows you to build up a really nice collection without spending a lot up front. But you can find some really nice brush sets if you’re a beginner or want to start a makeup kit!

Check out some kits like

Sedona Lace Votrex Kit. On sale right now for $79! You can pay a little more for the same kit with a belt if you’re buying it for your kit!

Sedona Lace 12 Piece Professional Set. On sale for $63!

Morphe 11 Piece Brush Set. More affordable at $35.

Sigma Premium Kit $217. Great investment for aspiring makeup artists! Probably not be necessary for one person or a beginner. 

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serf-bort Asked:
where can i buy a clear makeup organizer? i googled it and i found a few but they're like $200.


The most affordable one I’ve come across and use as my current makeup set up/organization are the Muji drawers! They don’t hold as much as the larger more expensive ones but they are great for stacking and since each one is around $20 you can stack two or three for a fraction of the price of the more expensive ones! 

I prefer having a mix of the 2 drawer and 5 drawer because the 2 drawer can fit bulkier products that the 5 drawer cannot. 

Check out all the Muji drawer selection here

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svilormars Asked:
Does urban decays setting spray work?


I really enjoy Urban Decay’s Setting Spray in All Nighter!

Here’s why

  • Can be used under makeup and over makeup
  • Helps your makeup melt into the skin so your foundation/powder doesn’t look as cakey or powdery
  • Can spray on a brush and be used as long wearing mixing medium to apply eyeshadow wet

I don’t find it to be a miracle worker and help my makeup last 24 hours or anything but it does help my makeup stay on longer than it would without using it! I find spraying it before makeup (after moisturizer, before foundation) and over makeup to give me the best results. I also love how it makes my makeup look more natural, almost dewy by taking away a powdery finish. If you want to keep a more matte finish i’d suggest using it after foundation and before powder. 

Urban Decay makes a few setting sprays and All Nighter is my favorite. Another favorite of mine is the Kat Von D Lock and Load Setting Spray! If you’re still iffy about it or on a budget try out a more affordable option like NYX Setting Spray in Matte. They also make travel size versions of Urban Decay All Nighter if you want to try it out without splurging on the full size.

Have a great day! Xo

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luna-ashes Asked:
What are your thoughts on the Mac Lip Prep & Prime? I bought it a week ago and haven't used it yet because I don't know much about it, like I've tried looking up YouTube videos and haven't found much about it. I just really want a good lip primer for when I wear Matte lipsticks.


I adore MAC Lip Prep + Prime!

I like to use it as a hydrating, smoothing base under matte lipsticks. It really smooths out the lip lines and hydrates but still keeps the lips matte. Great if you find matte lipsticks to be drying and unflattering on your lips. I don’t find it to lengthen the wear time of a lipstick a whole lot, maybe by a few hours, but matte lipsticks are usually long wearing on their own! If you wear matte lipsticks regularly or have trouble finding a lip balm that works well under lipstick this is great :)

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krissyisup Asked:
I've been looking at pictures of lip pallets, I'm guessing you can empty your tubes of lipstick into these? I'm having a hard time finding some. Do you have any great sites/ stores I can check out?


Yes creating your own lip palette is great for makeup artists or those with a lot of lipsticks who want to have them all readily available! 

Quick tip

  • For a really sleek, clean looking palette melt the lipstick on a spoon over a flame and pour the melted lipstick into a divider, it will dry even and smooth!

MAC makes empty pro palettes that you can use for lipstick, concealer, cream foundations, etc. You buy an empty pro palette ($10) and buy the divider to place inside ($2). You can buy them at MAC stores (not counters) or online here.


Another great one is the Japonesque 35 Pro Lipstick Platte. This holds 35 lipstick shades! Check it out online for $35 here.


A really affordable option is using empty weekly pill dividers, empty beading/crafting dividers, etc. You’ll find lots of similar dividers that crafters use to store beads, craft supplies, etc in the craft/organization section.


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Anonymous Asked:
Are there any dupes for MAC Soar lip pencil! It's sold out everywhere ! Xx


L’oreal lip liner in Rosewood!

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this is so fucking useful.

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